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160 Broadway, New York, New York 10038

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@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2017-10-25

Great piece on my husband. Mentions me rd wife, chiropractor Lila Wo

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2017-06-26

New York Times coverage for our new show opening Saturday, July 1st in Montauk.4-6 pm. Please come [email protected]

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2017-05-31

Johan and I have opened a little gallery in Montauk.

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2017-05-03

If you make it out to Montauk this summer, please stop by the gallery and bookstore my husband and I are opening!

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2016-12-12

The office closes from 12/19 through 1/3. We return on Wednesday January 4th Happy holidays

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2015-08-27

Love is a chiropractic adjustment that releases the power of the universe into the human body to restore and maintain health. -B.J. Palmer.

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2015-04-06

School House Rock breaking it down for us. Chiropractic Adjustments allow proper nerve flow which allows our body to heal and function at peak potential !

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2015-03-11

The more you know about chiropractic the more sense it makes. Your body is a self healing organism. Chiropractic works to restore the inborn mechanisms & wisdom. In chiropractic we call this the Innate Intelligence. Every life giving chiropractic adjustment works to restore this vital communication from the brain to the body. Nerve supply carries information to every part of the body, it is that governs healing, growth and repair of tissue. Healing comes from the inside with a normal functioning body.

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2015-03-09

If you have not seen this door sign in person, it s been too long since your last adjustment ! Call and come by if you want to feel great !

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2014-12-18

Physical, Chemical and Emotional trauma at Birth cause Vertebral Subluxations (misalignments). Every parent is invited to have their newborn checked by me. Subluxations of the spine need not to cause any pain to have an effect on body physiology.

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2014-12-04

There is nothing more important than tuning your Nerve System through a gentle Chiropractic Adjustment to ensure your body is working at peak healing potential.

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2014-11-19

Excited to announce we are finally open in our new location and have added Friday hours ! 160 BROADWAY, SUITE 1012, NYC, 10038 212-425-5433 Monday 8am-2pm & 4-6:30pm Tuesday 2-7pm Wednesday 8am-2pm & 4-6:30pm Thursday 8am-2pm & 4-6:30pm Friday 11am-4pm

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2014-11-14

In the middle of moving my office to a great new location, I took a break to celebrate Cartier Penthere with my dear friend Camilla Staerk. I love New York.

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2014-11-12

Thursday is your last chance to get adjusted at my apartment, sit on my couches, read my art books and possibly have a puppy sit on your back. We move to the new office Monday!

@Life Chiropractic Dr.Lila Wolfe 2014-08-21

Serving up some healing vibes at the Wolfe den today !

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