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@Home Vets London Ltd. 2017-06-20

Hank has jumped through the window this morning in Bethnal Green area and he is lost. ( Owner lives at 365a Bethnal Green Road. E2 0AN). PLEASE CONTACT US: 07930892044. THANKS.

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2017-03-30

Today, this beautiful and extremely well behaved kitten named Limoo has been vaccinated, microchipped and a pet passport issued in his free-stress environment home! 😍

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-07-26

Before going to sleep something sweet ^^ #weloveyouall https://www.facebook.com/FrozenMermaid83/videos/1756237431287610/

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-07-23

Such an AMAZING VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://www.facebook.com/HuffPostGoodNews/videos/736220959797424/

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-07-09

LOST CAT: REWARD Name: BENTO Cat- BENGAL 4 years OLD- MALE Around BETHNAL GREEN ROAD 317a Contact: 07460099101 or Email: [email protected] We all are very worried about him. Many thanks!! Home Vets London

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-06-15

Good morning everybody!!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞 #wakeup https://www.facebook.com/lookatpet/videos/625871230908982/

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-04-20

Have fun this weekend! make a Cat Tent! https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeednifty/videos/1689581711296554/?autoplay_reason=gatekeeper&video_container_type=0&app_id=2392950137

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-04-18

Happy Monday with our lovely Otis!!! Dasha Hugg thanks for sending us this short clip :)

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-04-17

Good morning friends. Tommy is missing since last Thursday in Woodford Green area. Please contact us if you have any information!. His Lovely owners are very worried.

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-04-13

Good morning! We hope the little Misty slept really well after her 2nd jab. Roz and Misty, see you in 6 months! Thanks

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-04-12

Lost cat: - Postcode: E1 - Breed: Bengal - Sex: Female - Old: 12 years - Got lost from 9th to 14th of March where she was taken to the vet for a blood test. She went missing again around the 26th and she hasn t appeared since. Please get in contact if you know any information about to: [email protected] Thanks

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2016-03-01

Our little and cute fiemoth Laura after a check up prior neutering

@Home Vets London Ltd. 2015-11-14

Our little Italian Leo after his second vaccination with our new Vet Laura!.

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Home Vets London provides high quality in-home Veterinary services such us medical investigations, annual health checks, diagnostics tests, treatments, vaccinations, parasite control, micro-chipping, pet hospice, in-home euthanasia, prescriptions for chronic patients, chemotherapy, etc.

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