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@Eggshell Therapy 2017-10-29

GIVE LETTING GO A GO To my dear gifted, highly-efficient and perfectionistic powerhouses: Your ultra-independence and hyper-effectiveness are your superpowers. Indeed they are, but there is a flip side to everything. Battling to survive in a patriarchal world, many of us- male or female- have forgone many of the spiritually ‘feminine’ qualities (that has nothing to do with gender itself) - of yielding, receiving, flowing and allowing. As we lose our naivety, we lose our innocence. As we learn to discern, we have forgotten how to trust. The truth is, independence is a strength, and so is healthy dependence. Can I invite you to take a leap of faith and experiment with something? What if, just for a week, a day, or an hour, you… Don’t show up at 110%; Don’t walk that extra mile for work; Let half the balls you are juggling drop; Get sick, have bad skin, eat junk food, and have that be seen; Be ridiculously neurotic and worry about the most illogical things and let that be shared? What if just 70% of your ‘intended perfection’ is still good enough? What if the world would not abandon you even when you are a mess? What if receiving is actually giving? If you never risk taking your hands off the steering wheel; If you never learn to receive help and take in compassion, you are depriving yourself and the world of the depth of love ever possible. Give it a go, I can promise you, that when you turn around... What is truly yours will never be lost. <3 A hard one, this one. I know. Imi x

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-10-22

PERHAPS I WILL NEVER BE NORMAL AND THAT S... OKAY? Being emotionally intense, seeing the world through different eyes and feeling the world on a distinctive wavelength… does not lay an easy path. Perhaps you have spent your whole life trying to fit in- with the majority, with the conventional ways to be, with the cultural ‘should’s and ‘must’s. In school, you wanted to be with the popular ones. At work, you want to be recognised via traditional institutions and qualifications. And some part of you is really, really sick of being the misunderstood and the sidelined black sheep. You may desperately want to ‘fit in’, but what if what your deepest self really needs is TO BE ALLOWED TO NOT FIT IN? What if what she needs is to be okay being different, being the rebel, the artist, the most-often misunderstood and occasionally attacked visionary? What if your authentic seat in this world is indeed on the fringe? There is a difference between your surface desires- partly driven by your animal instincts, old fears and hurt—versus what your deepest self’s longing to be seen and heard. Coming to terms with your authentic place in the world might mean accepting the reality that you will never quite ‘fit in’— in most groups, in a conventional setting, or when it comes to social norms and what the majority does. Sure, this does not have to be a permanent, fixed reality— things are nuanced and can always change. Nor does it mean an arrested, passive and despaired state. Becoming okay with not being ‘normal’ (thinking and feeling ‘within the norm’) can bring great sadness and even temporary despair. We can grieve what we never have- after all, your yearnings to belong, to be part of a tribe, to feel like a wider part of humanity has been a big part of you. But alongside your sadness, there is also an undeniable undercurrent of relief - finally you can stop trying to be what you are not, gone is the burden of false impressions. With a new slate, what might life brings when you are just you? What new people, possibilities may you attract now? With the courageous acceptance of your authentic place in the world comes both beauty and terror. See if you can embrace both. “I finally know the difference between pleasing and loving, obeying and respecting. It has taken me so many years to be okay with being different, and with being this alive, this intense” ― Eve Ensler, I am an Emotional Creature

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-10-13

THANK YOU, DEAR ONES I love what I do. SO MUCH. SOOOO MUCH!! Every day, I witness our glorious humanness- yours and my own: courage, grief, ecstasy, anger, envy, gratitude, transformation and growth. I love talking, playing, and making a mess with you. I am proud of myself for having chosen this path. But I am also unbelievably blessed, and immensely thankful for every single person who has entered my life: You are a friend, a sister, a teacher, a mirror. Even when you disagree with me, hate me, get angry with me. It is through our beautiful meetings that we get to be tender with sadness, compassionate with the dark, tolerant of the uncertainty and humble with the glory. Thank you. I love you. Signing off after a long week, Imi <3

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-10-10

WHAT’S YOUR THING? Since when did the idea of pleasure get such a bad name? We think of it as gluttony, indulgence, something that we need to somehow earn but don’t deserve. But conscious pleasure, where you reconnect with your body, your sexuality, your passion and emotions, is, in fact, a deeply spiritual and meaningful human experience. A hot bath, a nice meal, a massage, a day of rest and nothingness. Hot chocolate, scented candles, clean sheets, human touch. A novel, a chick-flick, a naked dance in your living room. What did you do to play when you were a child? What do you do when there is no external demand, no time constraints, and when no one is watching? An immersion in pleasure is spiritual because it is about revering your humanity, trusting divine intervention and opening to receive Life’s most important messages for you. It is meaningful because it brings you to your best self, where you surrender your usual doing-thinking-analysing to a state of pure peace and presence, and where your body meets your mind to make room for inspirations. Just for one moment, can you silence that inner critic, inner doer, inner demanding parents, inner boss, to immerse in play, pleasure and joy? With a lifelong history of mind-battling-soul, of being disconnected to my body and having a guilt-laden relationship with pleasure, I am still a wobbly learner of this one. Now. Tune in. What is that thing that you love, devote to, and believe in? Give in to it. It s worth a try. It may be your doorway to magic. Xoxo

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-10-06

THE (NOT SO) SIMPLE INSTRUCTION FOR THE EVENING If nothing else, end today by knowing that You have done enough, produced enough, worked enough, for today. You have loved enough, given enough, for as much as you can today. You have been humble enough, considerate enough, friendly enough, to whoever you met today. You have felt enough, seen enough, been moved enough, to the degree that you can bear today. “Sorry, inner critic, but enough is enough. I am enough.” YES, you are enough. Now, let go, and let your soul rest.

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-10-02

WHAT YOU LOVE WILL CARRY YOU THROUGH When you are going through heartbreaks, disappointment, or pain When you feeling weak, despaired, grief-stricken, And temporarily lost sight of the Truth I am here to remind you- that you are infinitely stronger, bigger, more resilient than you feel you are right now. Perhaps you can remember your strength by tapping into that which is bigger than you - your inexhaustible passion and deep love for humanity And for— that lover, that family, that pet, that ocean, that tree, that calling, that cause. You can survive this. And when this terrible spell passes another will probably come. And you will survive that too. You will survive this Not because you are particularly stoic, or strong, or unbreakable. But because the will to live is an active choice- one of devoting to and trusting life. You will survive this because again and again, you have chosen love over fear even though it s a close call every time! Most of all, you will survive this because someone you love needs you to be alive right now. Love yourself, but if you struggle to At least let what you love more than yourself carry you through.

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-09-27

ANGER DOESN T STICK Anger is a difficult emotion to feel. Many of us were taught - explicitly or implicitly- that it is dangerous, harmful, destructive. We worry that if we let it out, it will get out of control. We worry that if we allow ourselves to feel it, we will be stuck. But if we disown anger, we also disown our boundaries and power. Well, have you ever become worried that you will be ‘stuck in Happiness’? Perhaps not, because just like the weather, your emotions are always changing, overlapping, coming and going. The same applies to your most dreaded, unpleasant feelings. As human, we are physiologically INCAPABLE of sustaining a feeling state and stay there forever. In fact, science tells us that emotions don’t last for more than 90 seconds. Once your anger is triggered, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel your muscles tensing, pulse increasing, breath shortening. Then, within 90 seconds, the anger chemicals would have dissipated from your bloodstream. Unless we perpetuate the cycle with resistance, guilt and self-blame. You are the endlessly vast and accommodating sky, and the feelings are the weather that comes and go. I do know how awful a thunderstorm of anger feels, how threatening it seems, and the helplessness that comes from the fear of losing control. But if you can allow dignified anger to go through your system, without turning it against yourself with shame and blame, It won’t stick. Just like you never worry about being ‘stuck in happiness’, you do not have to worry about being stuck in anger. Yes, I do know it is bloody difficult.

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-09-25

TRUST, THEN WAIT Something happened. On the surface, it was benign. Yet underneath my skin, tornadoes of emotional flashbacks were stirred up. So I was going through a hard day. The whole day I walked around with a gaping hole my legs were weak, and I could hardly complete a breath without it bottling up in my chest. I felt like I was on the verge of disintegration But clearly something WAS holding me up straight, glueing me together. It was a still, small voice. Almost inaudible but saliently present. “Just trust. Then wait. Have faith’ It said. “Faith in what?” Being non-religious, I asked alarmingly. “Well, you have been here before. If you just trust that this too shall pass, and then wait Something- a eureka, a letting go, a change in perspective, a spiritual insight- always come. Like an alchemist, You have always turned lead into gold. Like a pheonix, You will rise from the fire stronger and brighter. You do not need to know what it is yet, just know that it is coming, Switch on your antenna, and be ready to receive. “ “So my pain isn’t pointless? ’ “Your pain is not pointless. There is always meaning to your suffering. Even you cannot yet perceive the gift and learning it will bring.’ Trust, then wait. It is as simple as that’. Trust, then wait. Trust, then wait. No sight of light in the end of my tunnel yet. Trust, then wait. Trust, then wait. No light still, but my steps seem a little lighter. Trust, then wait. Trust, then wait. x

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-09-21

Do all you can Go in with your full integrity Be as honest as you can about who you are Then, let go of the outcome. Trust that whatever happens next is for the best and meant to be. => The best formula for everything you do, desire, and care about.

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-09-14

Happy Thursday, dear ones. Here is the latest long-form newsletter, a collection of recent musings inspired by you all! In this letter, I want us to look at the perennial tension between authenticity and belongingness, between honouring who you are and fitting into the world as it is. Immense gratitude for your ongoing love and support! Imi x

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-09-08

A DIFFERENT WAY TO DO GRATITUDE ‘Gratitude’ has become a popular word in the world of self-help and positive psychology. Enough is the advice to make a gratitude list, keep a gratitude journal, count your blessings when times are bad. Indeed these activities can be incredibly useful, and scientific research has shown that. However, when you are experiencing one of life’s whirlwinds, when you are in the middle of a crisis, when you have lost sight of the end of the tunnel, a tactless suggestion for you to ‘count your blessings’ may be the last thing you need: “Does that mean I am a cry baby? A drama queen? Should I feel guilty for feeling bad?” Perhaps true gratitude cannot be forced. It needs to come from a deeper place within us, from a visceral understanding of the transient and fluid nature of life itself. We often get trapped in our fixed ideas of whether something is ‘good’ or ‘bad, and we celebrate certain events and we resist other. Yet when we take a closer look, nothing is entirely good or bad. Pleasure is not ‘all good’. With pleasure comes a degree of attachment and separation anxiety, the fear of losing it. All pleasure do and will pass. Pain is not ‘all bad’. With crises come a relief from the facade of perfection and a permission to let go. It can bring us closer to who we really are, and to those around us. The pain, too, will pass— and we can find solace in that. Real gratitude is not about forcefully skewing our perspective so that we deny the darker side of life. It is about seeing reality clearly: That all experiences are in their essence multi-dimensional, uncertain, transient, and subject to change. There will never be solid ground under your feet, for change is the only constant in life. And therefore, the wisest, and actually the most logical thing to do in this predicament, is to microscopically celebrate all the things and everything we can find that are here, for now: a dear friend or a lover, the limbs and organs that work, breathing that happens without our conscious effort, the sensation of an autumn breeze, the sweetness from a bite of fresh fruit. We cherish a moment of goodness, but knowing that it will pass, we don’t grasp onto it too tightly. We remember that at every moment there are both pleasure and pain, gain and loss. A ray of sunlight only beams through the layers of cloud, and may soon be replaced by lightning and thunders. But at this very moment, we choose to reap the fullness of its beauty, for what it is, whilst it lasts. Perhaps this is a more realistic way to do gratitude. :) x

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-09-06

BECAUSE ONCE YOU ARE REAL YOU CAN T BE UGLY “Real isn t how you are made, said the Skin Horse. It s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.s it hurt? asked the Rabbit. Sometimes, said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. When you are Real you don t mind being hurt. Does it happen all at once, like being wound up, he asked, or bit by bit? It doesn t happen all at once, said the Skin Horse. You become. It takes a long time. That s why it doesn t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don t matter at all, because once you are Real you can t be ugly, except to people who don t understand.” ― Margery Williams Bianco, The Velveteen Rabbit <3

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-09-05

WHEN LIFE DISAPPOINTS Here is another day where your dreams, hopes, preferences, and expectations are shattered. You had wished for a healthy day, a happy day, a peaceful day, a generative day. You had envisioned a day with no pain, anxiety, or relationship triggers. Perhaps you even spent the whole of yesterday getting excited about today. And when you opened your eyes in the morning, your all-to-familiar guests— Pain, grief, depression, regrets— arrived at your doorstep. Your family or partner did that very thing to trigger you, wiping away your ability to get on with the day’s plan. You might have tried to smile, to numb yourself through, or to ‘count your blessings’ and hold onto the good. But you couldn’t wipe away your resentment, perhaps even mixed in with some doses of self-blame. Dig a bit deeper, and you may find that behind all these, is a deep disappointment in life itself. It is as if you have experienced a mini-death. And indeed you have. For there has been a death of your desired version of reality. It somehow triggers all the existential dismay over how life has turned out, and the frightening helplessness you feel amongst it all. Our disappointment is a constant reminder of the unpredictable and mysterious nature of life itself. To ride this wave, see if you can see your crises as a kind of divine intervention. They are invitations from life- to yielding, trusting, flowing. With disappointment, the old identities of who you were cease to exist. With sadness, ideas of what you were supposed to be doing draw to a close. With resentment, the perfect life path that you laid down comes to an end. Allow your grief to go through you. And then, congratulations, for now, you have made room for new light to come in. You can now open the door to what is REALLY in house for you today. Maybe today you are down for a slow day, a tender day, a melancholic day. Maybe you have been assigned the spiritual lessons of patience and self-compassion. Maybe you are meant to be so gloriously imperfect that your authenticity liberates those around you. Maybe your disappointment is really just the beginning of a new adventure. I am by no mean saying any of it is easy, though. So big hug, no matter what you are going through today! X Imi

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-09-01

ON HEARTBREAKS, UNACQUAINTED LOVE AND REGRETS There are various forms of nostalgia. Some are beautiful and delicate; like a faint melancholy you get from a rainy autumn day, where our minds get transported back to the ‘good old times’. But then there is the dark, painful kind, flavored with regrets, tears, and self-hate. It comes with a sharp stabbing feelings that scream ‘what might have been’. It is mixed with homesickness, existential angst, a feeling of having done wrong or having been wronged. We may be stuck on grievances over a lost relationship, an episode of unrequited infatuation, or a particular person. And we even resent ourselves for it. Just like thunders and lightning - these waves of pain come from seemingly nowhere, triggered by nothing more than a bad dream or a social media feed. Ouch, all of a sudden we lose perspective. Our world ceases to be good enough. We are swamped by rage, envy, or depression that would not go away. Some heartbreaks are complex and involve betrayals, manipulations, and deceptions. But in its purest form, heartbreaks are about a painful torn-apart from our deepest longings. It isn’t really about that person. “It is not about ‘that person’, but what we have projected onto them.” We have heard of this before, and it seems to make sense conceptually, But much harder to emotionally metabolize. Today, let me ask you a different question: Do you love him or her? I don’t mean that person, but your old self. Yes, YOU. Do you see her beauty, brilliance, wisdom and creative genius? It was never about that other person— but they might have dived in before you to gift you with what you have needed and yearned for. Perhaps it was the full, unconditional embrace of you as a sensitive empath. Or the intellectual kinship and a shared excitement cover arts, music, architecture, or poetry. Or the adoration for your unique standing in the world. They had seen you before you saw yourself. They had found you before you found yourself. Knowing this, you can take the matter back into your own hand. You can now say to the imaginary ‘other’ from the past: Thank you for seeing me the way you did and allowed me to see how special I was, and still am. Thank you for showing me what was missing, what my childhood did not bring me, what I had deprived myself of, and all that I have so painfully desired. I am ready, now, to be my own best lover and find/ give myself all those things. Even I think of you sometimes, I know it is not really about you. <3

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-08-31

Some days, I feel it is easier to save the world than to love those who are closest to us. Because they are the ones who shine a light on my impatience, limitations, intolerance, and all the things that I don’t accept in myself but project outward. The truth is, though, I am probably of the greatest service to the world when I can just listen to ONE person in my immediate circle with full attention, smile at ONE stranger I meet with some kindness, and tell ONE friend how different my life will be without them. Embrace one soul and do that encompassingly well, Forgive myself and others every day and do it consistently. Then I am sure everything will just ripple outward. Thank you for hearing my ramble of the day! 😉 Imi x

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-08-30

A COMMUNITY OF LONERS As an emotionally sensitive and intense person, you live on the edge of loneliness. Perhaps loneliness is a universal phenomenon, but you feel it more intensely, more frequently, and more penetratively. Your heart breaks whenever you try to express the depth of your sorrow, the extent to your passion, and be met with apathy, indifference, or simply incomprehension. When no language or image can fully capture how isolated and misunderstood you sometimes feel. “One extra step, just one extra step”- you whisper. You wish for an other who can plunge deeply into sorrow, and soar high into ecstasy with you. You long for the loving presence that goes beyond a surface understanding of your deep well of feelings. But here I am proposing that not all hope is lost: In a strange, paradoxical way, you can find refuge in knowing that your sadness can also bring you to a community of loners. Look beyond your immediate surrounding, into our public lives, the woes in nature and in the world. Look across history, into paintings, literature, poetry, hymns, and lyrics. Your heartache is the vehicle to your transcendence. Your tribe exists: Dotted around the world, across time and space. To find them, plunge into your aloneness. Sing it, draw it, dance it. Or at least Write it, scream it, be real with it. You are alone, but you are not entirely alone. <3, Imi x

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-08-25

WHEN YOU ARE IN PAIN Depression, bouts of obsessive thoughts, a ball of rage, a panic attack, urges to self-destroy, intense fear of abandonment. My dear intense and sensitive souls, Your pain often visits at unwelcome hours Sweeping you by surprise. Sometimes, you wake up with your unwelcome guests Erasing all your plans and vision for the day. Sometimes, your door is forced open by surprise, And after hours of kicking and screaming, you realise you have no choice but to sit down with what has arrived at your doorstep. As the pain rinses over you You finally have to let go of your judgement and preferences of how things ‘should be’. Reluctantly, you have to relinquish the expectation for a pain-free reality, the attachment to your pain-free past, even your identity as a pain-free person. What is left are three things: the pain, your presence, and time passing by. You breathe into the different flavours of your emotional pain: throbbing, pulsating, pounding, beating, dulling, lingering. “This, too, shall pass. This, too, shall pass.” You hum again and again. Look, there is absolutely no expectation that this moment needs to be anything other than what it is. You do not need to be happy. Or have a ‘good day’. You can be angry, disappointed, frustrated and lost. You can wish for your pain to pass. Whilst you wait, you may summon distraction, gratitude, affection, relaxation- anything that you can scrape off the edges of your existence for a company. Until, suddenly, the pain goes away. Phew, you have survived this another one. And you notice that You have been training your emotional muscle all these time. You get better and better at sailing through, Each time a little more skilful. Even in the bleakest hour, you are more able to hold things in perspective, Remembering that this episode, like all the other ones, will end. I cannot promise you a pain-free future But I can guarantee that nothing ever stays static. Your pain will pass, and it has the power to transform you. When you temporarily lose sight of that light in the end of the tunnel, I will hold it for you. lots of <3 , Imi

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-08-21

INTERNALISING LOVE You feel wobbly, abandoned, unsure of yourself. You feel like you have overstepped, that you have been ‘too much’. All the memories of being too much, of indifference, of humiliation… are flooding back. Your inner voice hums: “He diverted his gaze as we spoke. He must have been annoyed with me.” Or, “There were moments of awkward silence during our conversations, he must like me less now.” You know you are standing on a wobbly ground. You are frustrated, and you say: “In my head, I KNOW this person loves me, that unlike all those who have hurt me in the past, his loving presence has been consistent and real. Yet, without a minute-to-minute confirmation, the old feelings of abandonment and rejection still lurks in the background. “ You wish you have a more solid ground to stand on. You wish you do not need the moment to moment re-assurance. The answer lies in developing what psychologists call ‘object permanence’ or ‘object constancy’. Object constancy is the ability to know that others’ affection for you, and their presence in your life remain constant- even when you temporarily lose sight of them. With time and some inner work, you can learn to internalize another’s love, so the presence of affection and the confidence in your own worth resides within you, but not projected outward. Love does heal. When again and again your call is met with an answer, Your words met with deep understanding, Your eyes met with another’s warm gaze When your expectation of humiliation and indifferences were not met… You will begin to believe, even just a glimmer, that you are lovable and worthy of all the attention in the world. That maybe it is safe to trust and to thrive on the love that is and will always be right under your nose. Love does heal, let it in. <3

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-08-11

To the Special One: When you are feeling down because the world misunderstands you, or judge you Or envy you, or lock you in isolation I do not know what to say Apart from telling you how precious you, and your sensitivity, and your intensity are. It is your idiosyncrasies that make you powerful It is your ability to see beauty everywhere Your daringness to dive into love and life Your tendency to get obsessively attached and infatuated with people and subjects and objects Your heart that feels compelled to say ‘I love you’ before anyone else does These things make your existence itself a miracle from God. You do not have to ‘be nice’, ‘calm down’, ‘think less’, ‘chill out’. Please, please please do not dull your sparkles. Especially in political times like this When the world is in collective pain We desperately needs you to step up So we can all learn to be more like you And start seeing each other eye to eye again. I said I didn t know what to say but see? This is how much you inspire 😉 x

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-08-10

Every day, the intense and gifted souls are confronted with existential angst- restlessness, sense of urgency, overwhelming responsibilities from inside and out. There is so much that you want to do, so much that you can do, so much that you are placed to do. Your competence attracts expectations. Your morals translate into high standards. And your multiple passions tug you in a million directions. For the intense and gifted souls, this life itself is a creative process. Both pain and joy come from the process of discerning and balancing. A blank canvas is intimidating because you are now accountable for what goes on it. With each mark you make, you take up a space that will no longer ever be blank. As you choose black, you have given up on red, blue, and yellow. As you are creating beauty, you are simultaneously forgoing possibilities. That is why sometimes it is so painful, so difficult, even paralysing. That is why sometimes you wish you were less capable, less excitable, less passionate. You wish you see less, care less, are more single- minded. Sometimes you wish life was simple. Oh, but you don’t really. For there is only one you. In this world, at this time, experiencing the life force, the beauty, and the vitality that makes up you. You have no choice but to honour that. It is messy, But it is a glorious catastrophe.

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-08-07

SHREDDING PAIN It is not uncommon that, as you step into more love, pleasure, and authenticity in your life, you feel plagued by waves of sadness. It may come in the form of bad dreams, intense nostalgia, unexplainable physical symptoms, or unexpected feelings of guilt. It doesn’t mean you are doing anything ‘wrong’. Quite the opposite: You are doing the necessary shredding. Much like the caterpillar that needs to shred her cocoon, you are breaking into something bigger and more glorious. Taking this plunge involves the “killing off” of an old self, a stripping-away of all that is out of alignment with your true path. Stepping into your bigness requires letting go— of your old identifications, old beliefs, an old way of being in the world and often and most evocatively, some relationships. It’s a bit like a tooth surgery. Just because your rational mind knows what you are shredding is decayed, does not mean the process is pain-free. For whatever it is, it has been a part of you for a very long time. In this journey Let go of the demand on yourself to be ‘happy’, but rather, run with the complexity of your rich inner world, where joy and sadness, excitement and pain can all happen at the same time. It is tender, it is wild. Embrace the shredding pain, it is a sign that says things ARE heading in the right direction.

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-08-03

In case you have missed it I am posting a link to a recent newsletter :) PS: The image is of Danbo, a character from one of my favourite Japanese manga series Yotsuba&! (An absolutely beautiful and heart-warming piece of art!) * There are many paradoxes in the life of being an emotionally intense person. You may be highly intuitive when it comes to reading people, but struggle with interpersonal situations. You may be sensitive and loving, yet fearful of intimacy. On top of having intense emotions, you also have a mind that is constantly in overdrive. Since there have not been enough conversations about these complex experiences, you may have thought you were the only one struggling with these paradoxes: Can I be emotionally intense and emotionally empty at the same time? Why do I have a mind too busy, yet a heart that feels so vacant? How is it that I can be both too full and too empty?

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-07-31

We have various emotions for very good reasons. Thomas Merton said ‘Everything that is, is holy’, his words point to the limitations of our judgement and perception. We are often tempted to see something as good and others as bad. We have forgotten how to embrace the totality of reality. We see the wet grass on the mountain top as ruining the camping experience, as if that isn’t what camping is about. We complain when it rains, forgetting that without it cycling with the sun we wouldn’t even be alive. Therefore Even during your bleakest hours, see if you can challenge your own fixed belief that emotions are ‘in the way’ and what you are experiencing is ‘bad’. Instead of judging and resisting, see if you can take a moment to contemplate the possible messages within your difficulties- it may well be serving a bigger purpose that you do not yet see. I said all that to share with you a song I find profoundly moving. I don t see the word God here as referring to organised religions, but the spiritual, universal truth accessible to all of us. is in the roses The petals and the tho hope you have found a reason to smile today :) Imi xx

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-07-27

Dear ones, Yesterday, I learned something from losing my ground momentarily and lashing out at my partner: Instead of saying Sorry, say Thank you. Do you apologise excessively, even when there is no reason to? Are you able to bounce back when you did something you regret, or does that lead you to endless emotional storms? By apologising and seeking reassurance, we are behaving like children who depend on others to tell us we are okay. We are not doing the world any good by reducing our own rights to be imperfect; instead, we can demonstrate strengths and sensibility by being accountable for our actions. By keeping our backs straight and saying a humble ‘Thank you’, we free ourselves and others from a power dynamic, from the need to pretend, or to butter things up. By replacing ‘Sorry’ with ‘Thank you’, the energy between us can flow freely again. Therefore, Instead of apologising for our existence, let s own our space, including our right to make mistakes. By doing so, we liberate others to do the same. Rather than going down the rabbit hole of shame and blame, honour the others’ love for us by way of self-compassion. In place of seeking forgiveness from other people, we free ourselves by letting things go. Reciprocate kindness not by apologising, but inviting the other to grow with us in mutual appreciation. Inch by inch, day by day, I am still learning to be a better lover to the world and those around us. <3, Imi

@Eggshell Therapy 2017-07-25

Dear ones, There are these days Where you feel weak, and fearful, and sad. Nothing disastrous has happened. But you care too much about something to not feel paralysed by the fear of losing it. You love too much to not feel anguish over the inevitable separation. Here is what you do: You let go. Let go, let go, let go. Radically let go of everything that matters. Surrender to the possibility of losing all that you care about. You are free when you return to zero When you remember that you came to the world with nothing and will leave with nothing. When you can love everything, and be attached to nothing. Let go as much as you can, until you hit that place: This, this one here, I simply cannot. CANNOT. Let. Go. Of. Then, let go of the fact that you cannot let go anymore. To get through a day like this Imagine you are a child again, learning how to crawl. And so you wobble forward. Wobble, wobble, wobble, one step at a time With all the vulnerability and tenderness, all the impending losses, sickness and death. Suddenly, you turn around and realise that Things cannot be any better or worse. It s your only reality, your only truth. And you are not alone in this strange predicament. <3 Imi

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When was the last time someone said you were ‘too much’—‘think too much’, ‘too intense’, ‘too sensitive’, ‘too dramatic’, or ‘too emotional’ ? This journey is about healing the wound of being told that you are too much .

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Eggshell Therapy was founded in Imi Lo


- Individual therapy and Coaching - Weekly Newsletter and Therapeutic Articles - Consultation and support for friends and family - Training for mental health professionals - Clinical supervision for psychologists and counsellors


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Street Parking Yes
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