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@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-12-02

Dark eye circles aren’t caused by pigmentation alone. A combination of blood vessels and hollowing can also worsen the appearance of dark eye circles. If you’re tired of concealing these dark eye circles, we’ve got the solution for you.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-11-25

Chill away fat cells with cryolipolysis (fat freezing) at Clifford Aesthetics. Non-invasive, no pain and effective.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-11-18

Sygmalift- HIFU without the pain for lifting of saggy skin and reduction of wrinkles. Fractional ultrasound stimulates collagen remodeling and breakdown of fat to produce immediate lifting and skin tightening. Drop us a message to find out more!

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-11-15

2017’s Best Antioxidant Award goes to... our award winning CE Ferulic!

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-10-16

The secret to Sharon Au’s good skin is out! Get her black box of secrets containing our CE Ferulic, Hydrating B5, Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50 and Advanced Pigment Corrector for only $405.64!

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-10-07

Stem cell science meets skincare with Calecim Professional. Incorporate anti-aging and skin renewal science in your daily routine with Calecim Professional s skincare range at Clifford Aesthetics. We re especially loving the Calecim Professional Serum for skin repair!

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-09-30

Forehead wrinkles making you look fierce and older than your actual age? Nothing Clifford Aesthetics can t fix!

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-09-23

Do you know that you can lift and tighten sagging skin without a surgical face lift? With Threadlifts, facelifts no longer require surgery.By placing fine threads under the skin, saggy skin and folds are immediately lifted and tightened for a youthful and fresh appearance. Collagen production is also stimulated, giving long lasting results.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-09-16

Say goodbye to square jaws! Jaw slimming or jaw reduction to achieve a sharper or V shaped jaw can be achieved without downtime, while eliminating bruxism or teeth grinding, preserving the enamel of your teeth. For appointments and enquiries, please visit or contact Clifford Aesthetics at 6532 2048.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-09-09

Losing weight and fat freezing just got easier and faster at Clifford Aesthetics with ZLipo! With Z Lipo, the newest in Cryolipolysis technology, the time commitment required for results is halved compared to traditional fat freezing technology and is suitable for areas like the abdomen, thigh and arms. For more information, please visit or contact Clifford Aesthetics at 6532 2048

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-09-02

5 lifestyle changes to a fitter and healthier body-- and it s not just about dieting!

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-08-26

Dehydrated and wrinkled skin are giveaway signs of aging. Beside careful sunprotection, the use of Skinboosters for deep skin hydration and collagen production has been shown to remove these signs of aging! By plumping skin up, fine lines are reduced and dry skin is immediately hydrated leaving skin visibly younger looking that will still continue to improve over time.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-08-19

Acne isn t just limited to the face- it can occur on the chest and back why let acne scar your confidence? Getting back acne (bacne) and chest acne treated so you be confident in whatever you wear! At Clifford Aesthetics, we offer a personalised treatment programme for every patient because no one acne is the same. Visit or call us at 6532 2048 to find out more.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-08-12

Dull skin, fine lines and sagging are some of the earliest signs of aging. Renew your skin and erase these signs of aging for a younger and more radiant looking you with the combination of the right skincare and no downtime treatments at Clifford Aesthetics!

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-07-29

If enlarged pores and blackheads are stopping you from attaining a perfect complexion, you re not alone in Singapore. Weather, genetics and wrong choice of skincare are major contributing factors to these problems. See us at Clifford Aesthetics to shrink and clean out those pesky pores for a more refined complexion.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-07-22

Beside the nose, cheek and chin contours, the 3-dimensional facial profile is also shaped by the forehead contours. Find out how you can shape your facial profile safely without going under the knife at Clifford Aesthetics.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-07-15

Looking for dewy and glowy skin like Korean celebrities? Hydrashine Skinboosters rejuvenate the skin with careful placement of hyaluronic acid in the skin for deep skin hydration and improved collagen production. The result? Dewy, radiant and glowy skin that not only looks younger but also feels more hydrated and bouncy!

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-07-01

Glowing, radiant and pore-less #nofilter skin is possible without airbrushing! By using the right skincare products and getting a little help from Clifford Aesthetics, you can shrink pores and reduce skin oiliness. Visit or call us at 6532 2048 to find out more.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-06-24

Eyebags, saggy face and wrinkly eyelids making you look tired and old? A Thermage treatment addresses the visible signs of aging— no surgery, just naturally younger looking by stimulating your body s natural collagen renewal to tighten skin on the face and neck. Thermage is also FDA approved for the treatment of facial wrinkles and is available at Clifford Aesthetics.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-06-17

Non surgical facelifts like HIFU Sygmalift are fast becoming more popular among males and females to combat droopy and lax skin. Read up about The Clifford Clinic s HIFU Sygmalift in this issue of Men s Folio Singapore!

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-06-10

Chemical peels are one way to renew your skin to lighten pigmentation, remove fine lines and rejuvenate skin. Dr Gerard Ee shares some tips on how to care for your skin care after a chemical peel in Singapore Tatler. Chemical peels are performed by doctors and are available at The Clifford Clinic.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-06-03

Dr Gerard Ee sheds some light on fat freezing/ cryolipolysis in this month s Women s Weekly! Zimmer Singapore s award winning Zlipo is available at Clifford Aesthetics.

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-05-27

Looking for dewy and glowy skin like Korean celebrities? Hydrashine Skinboosters rejuvenate the skin with hyaluronic acid for deep skin hydration and improved collagen production. The result? Dewy, radiant and glowy skin that not only looks younger but also feels more hydrated and bouncy! . . . . #cliffordaesthetics #skinbooster #skinboosters #hydrashine #水光针 #hyaluronicacid #antiaging #dermatology #aesthetics #igsg #sg

@Clifford Aesthetics 2017-05-20

Up your Antioxdant game for maximal skin protection! From now till end June, get a FREE CE Ferulix worth $150 with purchase of our Resveratrol BE + 1 SkinCeuticals product exclusively at Clifford Aesthetics!

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Clifford Aesthetics is South East Asia s first Skinceuticals Advanced Clinical Spa and offers Skinceuticals premium professional aesthetic treatments.


Clifford Aesthetics is dedicated to providing a wide range of aesthetic services to enhance and complement medical aesthetic treatments. Clinic Aesthetics is proud to introduce Skinceutical s Advanced Clinical Spa, which is the first collaboration of its kind in South East Asia. The Advanced Clinical Spa is an exclusive spa allowing patients to experience proven anti aging and rejuvenating treatments as well as Skinceutical s premium facial treatments.

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