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@Lifestream Group 2018-06-29

打喷嚏不要弯腰打😪 很多人在打喷嚏时会习惯性地做弯腰低头这个动作。其实,这很容易因强烈反应性的腰肌扭动、不协调收缩而引起腰肌损伤、椎间盘突出等。很少人会想到要坐着打喷嚏,但坐姿确实是最健康的方式。坐着打喷嚏可以减小胸腹腔的压力变化。如果来不及坐下,也可以半蹲,以避免身体受伤。✨ #lifestreamgroup #打喷嚏 #健康方式

Aquolab - Ozone therapy that improves oral hygiene Available in Professional and Basic Home kit Fusing ozone with water to clean your teeth and gums Ozone therapy? It is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and immunomdulatory With high disinfecting power, Aquolab is a non-invasive system and does not leave any residues and is absolutely eco-friendly Contact us for more details

our new customer hair stylist in lucky plaza buying 4 tubs of Beast Protein 4 lbs and also promoting to his friend.our Beast Protein is on promotion $47.60 for 4 lbs available at 116 Toa Payoh Lorong 2 #01-156 opens tue to sun 11 to 8 pm #beast #protein #recovery #proteinoverload #muscle #gains #leanbulk #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #physique #fitnessmodel #shreddednation #motivation #hardwork #nutrifirstexpressjurongeast #nutrifirstexpressredhill #nutrifirstexpresstoapayoh

Dark eye circles aren’t caused by pigmentation alone. A combination of blood vessels and hollowing can also worsen the appearance of dark eye circles. If you’re tired of concealing these dark eye circles, we’ve got the solution for you.

@Marina Bay Dental 2017-01-19

Flossing is important, folks. Did you know that you miss up to 35% of your tooth s surface when you don t floss? That s a lot! So let s try not forget this during our daily routine :)

Shocking statistics on the Straits Times today! Drop by for a checkup, and let s start turning these numbers around.

သင့္အနာဂါတ္အတြက္ လာေလ့လာၾကည့္ပါ

@FrontDesk 2014-11-25

Our Clinical Director, Dr Anthony Tay was featured on Straits Times 31 Oct 2014.

@Airfresh 2013-06-22

PSI 292 as at 8am this morning PM2.5 reading is 238-304 which is in the unhealthy range. Stay indoor and turn out the purifier to keep the air clean.


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