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To all those affected by the wrath of #hurricaneharvey, #hurricaneirma and #hurricanemaria. It breaks our hearts to see the widespread catastrophic destruction that these hurricanes have caused. Each hurricane may have been different in terms of trayectory and wind speed. Yet they are all similar. They all uproot, destroy and flood. We are sorry for your losses and damages. The rebuilding process is never as fast as the destruction that took place but we hope that where ever you are that you are finding the strength and courage to press forward. To those who have lost relatives, friends or loved ones.... we extend our sincere condolences. Nothing is more tragic than losing someone you love. To all the others, give thanks for life despite the circumstances. May your faith and love for your family give you the strength to forge ahead and rebuild. For those of us who may want contribute to a relief fund, please check the local press for details on how to do so. Nothing is too small. In our hearts ❤ and prayers 🙏 Management and Staff Sigma Medical Laboratory Inc. #sigmasvg #hurricanseason2017 #prayforantigua #prayforbarbuda #prayfordominica #prayforstmaarten #prayforturksandcaicos #prayforflorida #prayforpuertorico #prayforallhurricanevictims