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Direct access to hygienists in Jersey: find out what’s changed and what it means for your dental health: https://hubs.ly/H09r8vY0

There are many potential sources of #sciatica. Irritation/ injury of the muscles, joints, nerves or discs can all result in sciatic symptoms

Anyone thinking of loosing weight in January and detoxing we are going to start as a group . The program will start on the 2nd . It’s a great time to start and with lots of support and help so remember you will need your products ready to start. If you would like to know more please just ask and I ll send you some information. Good luck and looking forward to a healthy start to 2018

@Wicked Well-Being 2017-11-23

#tbt to the delicious vegan dinner we had at The Stable Falmouth in October wish there was a Jersey branch! 🍕🥗🍺

Scientists identified three basic categories of meditation, which differ in their practice, effect, and in their outcomes in daily life. 1. Focused Attention: focusing attention on a single object, thought, or physiological process. 2. Open Monitoring: attempts to manage our stresses by training us not to respond to them emotionally. 3. Automatic Self-Transcending: (Transcendental Meditation) eliminates the physiological basis of stress instead of trying to manage it.