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@Isabelle Vets 2018-06-26

KEEP PETS SAFE THIS SUMMER Cars are not the place for dogs on a hot summer’s day, even with the windows open and parked in the shade. The RSPCA report that at 22⁰C outside temperature, the inside of a parked car can increase to 47⁰C within an hour. Conservatories and greenhouses can be just as dangerous. If you see a dog locked in a car and looking distressed, you will need to inform the Police as only they have the power to enter the car.

There are still roadworks outside our Éturs surgery, now with temporary traffic lights. Access is from either direction, but please take care exiting our driveway.

@Fresh Dental 2017-11-10

The team.... Huge thanks to Dani Stevens Photography for the pictures after our photography session a few weeks ago. More to follow :)

I heard this week about the birth of the most recent hypno family. It sounds like it was a fantastic labour and birth. I bet Mum found it hard work but having confidence and working together meant they could go into hospital at 8cms and work with the natural expulsive reflexes to give birth in a shorter time. I dont promise if you do my classes you will have a perfect birth but I hope that you will be confident enough to deal with the later stages of pregnancy, your labour and have a good birth be that by natural or helped means. Your partner will be not a spare part but a helpmate and you will feel like you gave birth together.