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Stay safe and happy on Antigua s and Barbuda s National Heroes Day!

FREE MBS walk. FREE refreshments. FREE entertainment for children. Give your share to show you care by purchasing our customized branded tees... only $30. The walk begins at 3 pm, with the concert commencing at 5 pm. Come out and make it a family affair. See you there, Sunday, Nov 26. Call 481-6352 for info

Well it s 1 more day before I hit the stage for the 1st time in 6years I will be in a totally new category in the National Body Building Competition tomorrow night. Look out for me in the Female Physic Category, my transformation wasn t easy but with my trainer Ollyn Martin he kept pushing me, and now I m proud of the improvement. Thanks to some special persons who made it possible Dr Gregson Williams of Williams & Associate Dental Ltd., The Insane Carnival Design Team, Sity Lites Fashion & Chill Spot, Dj Merchy Merchant, Torturer Gym Crew, Dr. Elaine C Simon and my family and friends.... New and Improve Wendy Tittle.....

@Island RN 2015-06-25

Call us now at IslandRN # 732-9949/ [email protected] for more information on prices and services we are the professionals in senior care.Let our Trained Nurses and health care providers care for your loved ones in the comfort of their home. IslandRN Providing the Future for Professional Senior Care Our Services include Elderly Cay Care and At-Home Care,. We provide a wide range of Medical Equipment, elderly care products and nutritional products, meal supplements & Meal Plans for seniors and physically challenged individuals. Coming Soon Residential Senior Care. Islande Than Care Givers We Are Family!! We C.A.R.E. Compassionate Affordable Reliable Efficient